May The Remaining Days Be Kind.

I have a tidy smile. I should smile more than I currently do.

I never thought I could live a day without taking my vitamins until I couldn’t afford them.

The war in Ukraine has gone on longer than I expected.

I lost an election.

The weather has been great; the sun and her beautiful color.

My Dad misses me, too. He wants us to talk more frequently than we currently do, but I am afraid he may detect the sadness in my voice.

My little sister started a haircare line. I am proud of her.

I joined a dating app. I coincidentally set up lunch dates with two men this Sunday. What to do? Ghost one or both? Or appropriately cancel as a decent human being would?

I worked as a bartender three days ago. I had a lot of fun mixing spirits with lemonade.

Fresh starts are good. I am learning who I am apart from everything else.

It is getting easier to be happy.

A bus driver stopped to let me board after he had set off.

I desire love in all its tenderness and brutality. But more tenderness.

Life has been showing me different dance moves. I look forward, facing my steps.

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