The Leech on your Skin

My younger sister came back from Church two days ago and told me about how they prayed for Donald Trump to win a second term in the US elections. She, however, quickly mentioned that she instead took that time to pray for some of her own needs and asked what I would have done if I was in Church.

Today is election day in the US, and as I write this, more than 100 million Americans have cast their ballot. Someplace else in the same world, in an unrelated gist, a handful of state governors from a particular tribe have asked the federal government to censor social media. A managing director of a toll company that witnessed the gruesome massacre of innocent citizens a few weeks ago submitted empty CCTV footage to a caricature judicial panel; he says the camera stopped working just before the genocide started. And still, in this part of the world, Passports belonging to law-abiding citizens are being seized at the airport – because they dared speak up for their rights.

But I digress.

I told my sister that were I present in Church during these prayers, I would have walked out with a long hiss. Okay, that was probably too dramatic, I could not have hissed, but I would most certainly leave.

I share my thoughts on my WhatsApp status now and then –  I have, however, learned not to engage some Nigerians who live in Nigeria and yet happen to know about this messianic role Donald J. Trump play in the US and, of course, rubs off on the rest of the world.  I would be lying if I told you that I got very good at clicking my ignore button from day one, as is with every other thing in life, this too came with experience.

At least eighty percent of Nigeria’s populace is homophobic (data not from any confirmed source) – this homophobia sits very comfortably on their skin –  they feed, polish, and clothe it daily. What they do not know is that this same Leech is feeding off them too.

“God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality and, Trump is against homosexuality” – they say.

“Obama and Biden are Anti-Christ, they want to destroy the world, almighty Jehovah will not let that happen!”

I have found it difficult to understand how anyone would choose to support a fellow who tells more lies than truth – a dishonest person, someone who thinks that women are “things” created only to be grabbed by their private body part.  (Not that their support means shit – I am talking about Nigerians living in Nigeria or anywhere else but the US) meanwhile, before them stands another human who wants everyone to breathe and live.

Before the ENDSARS movement gained more followership, most people living in Nigeria cared less about the other. But, watch them chew their neck veins the moment a Queer person breathes.

Nigeria exhausts me. The homophobia in this country tires me. The hypocrisy wears me out.

I know you would not shed off this leach you have worn on your skin. However, I hope that you go to bed tonight with a piece of new knowledge – QUEER -NIGERIAN LIVES MATTER.

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