It’s Called the Drunken Mess

If only you were having sex. Maybe, just maybe you could calm these raging nerves.

Grownup touch; you have missed for so long.

You stand in front of the mirror, and you literally feel your banging body wasting.

This waist ought to be held by some sweet hands. These nipples are eager to be massaged. This amazing art of God yearns to be worshiped.

You quickly go on the internet in search of Yvonne Orji. The last time you read about her, she was dating this hot NFL player. Are they still together? Did they eventually get married? You are not a sadist, however, there are some comforts in the knowledge that someone else is struggling as you are. It didn’t work out. She went furniture shopping when it ended. She is still single, still a virgin, making the wait sexy, just like you.

Loneliness is a Bastard. Terminal illness is the one thing you should not wish even an enemy. Loneliness is the second. You take out a bottle of whiskey from your shelf, take a few shots, watch more Yvonne Orji’s videos on YouTube. It is relatability that moves us to empathize. You feel like you know her.

Most single-independent women would choose career over family. This may be their reality, but, you also know that often, we pretend to want things we don’t want so nobody can see us getting what we need.

Building a Godly home is important to Yvonne Orji just like it is to you. Waiting for the right person is important to Yvonne Orji just like it is to you.

Gradually, you are beginning to see the sexiness in waiting.

Told you. It’s called the drunken mess.

Artist: Noel Bensted.

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