I know why plastic surgery doesn’t make you whole

What do Saturday mornings sound like to you?

To me, it means slouching on my favorite and only couch, clutching a book I have picked out for the weekend. Before Lagos weather comes back like a rash with its hostility and gets heated up and of course before my stomach starts to grumble, I like to get my morning orgasms; nothing is as orgasmic like a well-constructed, beautiful sentence. My heavens!

I travel the world without moving my feet, my hands all wrapped around man’s best friend – BOOKS [the whole world has long moved on. Are you not aware? It will be completely embarrassing if you are still stuck with dogs].

Whether or not my apartment is a mess, makes no difference. Ever since I left my mother’s house, I put an end to Saturday morning chores. I did what I liked to do when I liked to do it.

This Saturday morning, my phone rang, it was a friend. We talk for hours. Sometimes, I raise my voice to make a point. You can’t possibly do that while sitting down right? I was moving around the room, gesturing with my hands to drive home my points. I have a standing mirror positioned between a wall and my miniature fridge. As I moved, I caught my image on the mirror. I moved closer for better positioning. I was proud of the person looking back at me. Hey, it’s nothing deep. Apparently, the way I laid my head on the bed the previous night had my hair packed in a certain manner which I found good looking that morning.

“I am a pretty girl you know?” – I changed the conversation.

“of course you are,” my friend agreed.

A few minutes later, I was still standing in front of the mirror. “I am beautiful,” I said again.

“what’s with the obsession about your looks today?” my friend said in-between amusement and weariness.

Do not blame me. I wasn’t used to flawless. And that was exactly how I felt that morning. flawless.

Aside from the fondness to how my hair was packed, I also discovered something else about my features.

I have a brief neck.

The one part of the human body that never lies.

If you are disturbed about sagging and the loose skin on your neck, then a neck lift surgery procedure could give you an interim solution if you are into that kind of stuff. But if your neck is brief like mine, man, there is absolutely nothing you can do about that.

If your brain is empty, you can buy followers on Twitter, become a social media influencer, and serve #MondayMotivation, you would end up dishing out unreadable nonsense.

The neck contains vessels that link structures in the head to the body. And if it is abbreviated, it is abbreviated. There is nothing you can do about it.

There are just things you can’t change. And I think that the willingness and ability to accept them is wisdom. You can’t wish things away. The past doesn’t disappear on command.

In life, you control what you can.

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