When They Call You a wife Material, Be Wary.

Because it is a scam.

Because deep down, they prefer you unambitious.

Because in this part of the world, only women bleed.

Because what they actually mean to say is, I have power, you don’t.

Because you are expected to be everything to them, even when you are treated like nothing.

Because when they call you virtuous, they do so because you are expected to be hypocritically pious.

Because when he says a wife material is “a woman who doesn’t lose her cool”, what he actually meant to say is, you are not allowed to stand for something.

“A wife material will ‘maintain her shape’ even after having four kids”

How have we lost the distinction between ‘body’ and ‘self’?

Little wonder the rate at which Lagos women go to the plastic surgeons for body ‘enhancement’ has exponentially increased in the last one year.

How we equate weight to a failure of character. In my insentient state, I am guilty of making this silly grouping. Forgetting that no matter how you alter your appearance, it would never change who you are.

“A wife material is a woman who would never stop loving me”.


I do not subscribe to the recent pretentious distaste for monogamy displayed by social media influencers. Nobody wants to be cheated on. we are all jealous beings. We all want what we want. I preach monogamy with every ounce of breath in me, however, I also know that it is not possible to love one person and love them forever.

When they call you a Wife Material, do not answer.

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