Where is Frank’s Nemesis?

Maybe you need to stop expecting it to happen anytime soon, because, it may never. They could actually walk away free from it all. The true will of the people may never gain their voice. That dirt swept under the rug may not get so big in the nearest future, and as such, people may not start tripping over it as soon as they should. If that is the case, what is the point of it all? Of what use is an answer to a question after a test is over?

After his resignation, when all was said and done, Frank Underwood still slept in the white house that same night. Almost like nothing had happened. This didn’t come as a shock. I mean we are talking about the same man who reduced a national election to one state and still won.

When power acts, it does so without thinking about being visited by its nemesis. It doesn’t have that luxury. For a soldier in a boot camp, the drill sergeant is his nemesis because the sergeant can punish the soldier at will. Maybe, just maybe only the poor/the ruled are visited by their agents of downfall.

As everyone moves away and joins the next available train, you sit at the train station waiting for Nemesis to visit its owner. You are alone. You are lonely. There is nothing lonelier or terrifying than feeling unheard.

Where is Frank’s nemesis? ………It may never come.

He gets away with everything. Even being gay in a heterosexual marriage. “you cannot be everything to one person” he says to Claire. ‘When I’m attracted to someone, I’m attracted to them. Period’. He stated at the Sentinel.

How could one man get away with so much? It is fiction. But, what truth is stronger than fiction?

I went through the last seasons eager, wanting justice for Zoe Barnes. Death is not anybody’s nemesis. I strongly believe one should be struck by their nemesis while they are alive. You should be alive to face your nemesis. Dying is not losing.

I sometimes wish that an unreasonable boss falls down the stairs and breaks their leg. Okay, don’t shake your head and act all saintly on me now. You have wished evil on someone too. However, I try to refrain from doing that, not because I do not believe in the downfall of wicked people, but because it is a complete waste of time, on a very lonely road. I try as much as I can to absorb NOTHING. People get away after doing bad things, the aftermath destruction so far away from them.

Pope Francis Promises “concrete action” against sexual abuse in the priesthood. The next pope after him will give the same promises. The victims will not see any justice.

Over 2 million Biafran civilians died of starvation during the civil war. General Yakubu Gowon is still alive, performing elder statesman duties in Nigeria.

Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu may be despicable, but, he may not be meeting his downfall anytime soon.

I am overwhelmed by Doug’s loyalty. The audacity to give so much of himself to someone who wouldn’t do the same for him.

These people, they take everything from you. They give you nothing. And they walk scot-free.

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