Don’t be a ‘Mike Pence’ in the Meeting Room

Do you remember this thing they say about Silence being loaded with answers? Scam!

And then they go ahead to tell you that silence is a source of great strength. You know what? That’s another scam.

Look, except you intentionally want to abuse someone by giving them the silent treatment, don’t ever close your mouth when you should be saying something.

What most people do not know is that being ignored causes the same chemical reaction in the brain as when you’re being physically assaulted.

But come to think of it, is anyone ever really silent? When your aim is to hurt someone by dishing out the silent treatment, what you do not know is that you are actually making a statement. And what is that statement? “hey I am trying to hurt you”.

Do you think you have good ideas? Well then everyone in the room will assume that you do not have any as long as you do not share them. And believe me, this assumption is reasonable.

Did you see Mike Pence at the Trump-Pelosi-Schumer throwdown?

Did he seem motionless or moronic? The truth is, on close watch, I think you’d agree he looked more the latter than former.

Yes, the only statement you make when your goal is not to thoughtfully and premeditatedly hurt someone with your silence is “I am deeply very stupid”.

“You need to say something.”

“You need to speak up.”

What are you scared of? Oh, you don’t want to be disrespected?

Guess what? Nobody respects the person with zero opinion.

You don’t want to say the wrong things?

That’s why there is no perfect human. Praise be!

What could have made a grown man of 59 years, be so motionless in a session where key issues were discussed? A meeting that lasted over twenty minutes. Could he have been silenced over time by the bully? I am almost tempted to think that this is the case.

Have you seen where a short man is demanding not to be cheated? What am I even saying, you would never be able to cheat a short man. But you can’t blame him, by default, he is seen as less powerful. In this world where we are living, where the man is groomed not to let anything tamper with his ego, being perceived as powerless would not be taken with a pinch of salt. The fact that women prefer them tall does not help Mr. Short man either.

I digress.

So, have you ever seen where a short man is demanding not to be cheated?

Sight is similar to that of a man with a tiny member who tries too hard to prove himself.

Have you seen Trump?

By Jove!

So I would understand if his behavior silenced Pence. However, that does not take away the blame from Pence.

There are monsters all over the earth, while it is okay to be afraid of them, it is not okay to let them win. It is not okay to let them silence you.

What could Mike Pence have been thinking of in that meeting? Definitely nothing smart. A smart person would speak up when critical issues about his country are being debated and decided. In the least nod your head or bat an eye.

I do not think anyone should allow themselves to be cowed into silence.

That moment when you are scared into silence, too frightened to confront, that’s when you speak up. That is when you say something.

Parents build prisons instead of homes when they do not allow their children full expression of themselves.

Everyone has an opinion.

Do your homework. Do your research. Find ways to ease into conversations. Solicit feedback.

Do all you can to find your voice.When you do find it, establish it.

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