Jimi Agbaje’s Campaign BillBoards

There is no democracy without a level playing field. It is expected that everyone plays by the same set of rules, in as much as everyone does not have an equal chance of success.

“Early this morning, our boards were vandalised and removed just as campaign commenced. Some of our staff were also threatened with violence.” The governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in Lagos State, Jimi Agbaje lamented.

“Fellow Lagosians, we must stand against this sort of tyranny. This is no ordinary election. This is a fight for freedom. A fight for democracy. A fight for Lagos. We will not be silent and we will not be oppressed or suppressed into a corner. This time around, democracy must win,” he wrote.

The Police spokesperson, Chike Otti confirmed Agbaje’s petition, while further stating that there was no way the police force could deploy its members to monitor all the campaign materials in the state.

Accusing fingers have been pointed to the members of the ruling party, the APC, which they denied.

Reacting to the development, the APC publicity secretary of the state, Mr. Joe Igbokwe in his party’s defense, said his members would never get involved in such acts.

“Our initial reaction when the statement was brought to our notice was to ignore the story because it is not in the character of APC members to engage in acts of brigandage and political recklessness. But on a second thought we decided to issue this statement to put the records straight and put lazy politicians in PDP on their toes.

“Lagos APC is made up of committed, disciplined and well behaved followers who do not need to go the way of the rudderless and uncoordinated brunch known as members of PDP in Lagos and that of Nigeria as a whole. We do not need the help of anybody to thrash whatever that is remaining of PDP in Lagos, if at all they still exist.” He said.

He further said they suspect that ‘miserable’ PDP followers could be behind the attack.

When the opposition is denied access to mass media, their chances of surviving throughout the campaign and after the elections are over is greatly impaired.

The Peoples Democratic Party is not the one in power. As a matter of fact, the PDP has never ruled Lagos State.

And if they keep fielding this same individual, who even though has proven not be ‘one of them’, but surfaces months before the elections and goes into ‘hiding’ once the elections are over, the chances are pretty slim for them.

Why would some persons go as far as destroying the campaign materials of another candidate who when you critically look at it, isn’t much of a threat?

The same reason poor stomach bloated Nigerian husbands hit their wives. In most cases, you find out that these abused women, as against some others who voice out their opinions without fear or favor, are typically what the average Nigerian man calls a ‘wife material’. And yet they are daily pounded like yam in a mortar.

Low Self Esteem.



Third-world mentality.

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