Whistleblowers on White Supremacy

I don’t trust you…

Most recently, I don’t think there’s anything that gets me exasperated like white folk who overplay their ‘not racist’ card.

I follow one of them on Facebook.

Why do I follow her? I once saw a post she did about her kids on my newsfeed; it was a lovely read.

But ever since, I have had to go through her almost embarrassing rants.

Every single white person internally thinks he is superior to you. Systematic white supremacy is so deep in this world.

You see Trump’s behavior towards black people? Hey! That’s how they all think, the one thing that makes the difference is, discretion.

While Trump and others like him don’t give a hoot about how what they say affect other people, the others are overly concerned about being called out.

The only set of white people who genuinely blow the whistle on white supremacy are those who themselves are marginalized within the white society.

Whatever you are thinking right now…

“there are white people who aren’t racist” “yada yada….”. Rubbish!

If you even in your minutest thoughts believe you are better than someone else because of the color of your skin, You’re Racist.

So this Facebook ‘followee’ started her yesterday’s post with “it was Africa first, the oldest human on the planet was found in Africa….” and a bunch of other things I can’t remember at the moment.

When these over-conscious white people claim to ‘stand’ against racism, this is what they are actually saying – “we once took your power, somehow gave it back to you, and we can take it back anytime”.

For heaven’s sake! There is more to Africa than slavery.

Maybe the world had been too hard on Kanye, maybe what he wanted to actually say was – “my ancestors fought back against slavery”.

Or maybe the world treated him the way he should be treated. I mean looking at his involvement with Trump and sudden withdrawal, dude’s pretty erratic. So I really can’t say for sure which it is.

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