Maybe, we shouldn’t have let the white man go.

Nelson Mandela once said “if you talk to a man in the language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart”.

When it comes to logical thinking, you are often told to think with your head and not the heart.

There are two types of people in this world. Those that act on emotional impulses, and those that are able to rationalize their emotions.

The white men came to Africa, taught us their language, and spoke to us in the language we could understand. When they left, left us to govern ourselves, and then we started talking to each other in our own language.

Did we also start thinking with our hearts?

How do you explain the craze for wealth acquisition exhibited by our leaders, at the expense of everyone else? They do not even ‘take’ what they can finish anymore, they ‘take’ even some more.

“God has blessed me with business acumen. How can you run a nation if you cannot run your own business? I run my businesses to international standards” says Atiku. And everyone is singing his praise about how he is ‘an already made man’ who is not coming to steal our money.

And no one has bothered to ask about how this man who has worked for the government almost all his life, got all these monies from government paid salaries and got ‘blessed with business acumen’.

Apartheid was bad, it was horrible. But imagine South Africa, after it gained its independence in 1934, was not governed by the white minority leaders? Imagine they were given power immediately. would it still be what it is today?

Okay, at this point, no matter how you want to defend it, I’m sure you do agree that there has to be something wrong with the black skin/black head.

Is the black mind out rightly not progressive? Or is this a case of ‘I was not shown how to govern? It has to be the former because we were shown.

Perhaps we are revolting our land being taken against our will by the white man. But why should we revolt against our own selves?

Every single non-functional railway you see in Nigeria today were originally built when the ‘white man was around’. Shortly after her independence, the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) entered a long period of decline, inept management, and eventually a complete lack of maintenance of rail and locomotive assets.

In 1988, NRC declared bankruptcy, and all rail traffic stopped.

It is gradually being revitalized. But not without so much annoying noise, with each party claiming credits.

What is wrong with these people?

Power in the hands of a black man in a black country? Scary.

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