Monica Lewinsky in her TED Talk narrated how she was hit on by a 27-year-old, his pickup line was that he could make her feel 22 again. Monica, later that night, said she realized she was probably the only person over 40 who do not want to be 22 again. Why? Because at the age of 22 she fell in love with her boss. She didn’t know the devastating consequences this would later bring her.

At 22, did she know better than have inappropriate relations with a married man? I think she did. I also think Clinton was just as responsible. Do I think the 41-year-old Monica would date a married man she falls in love with? A big yes. She would. The only difference this time is; she would probably do it with more discretion. And do I blame Monica? Not entirely, she was not the one who was married with a child. She was not the one who was the President of the United States. She was not the one who was 49 years old at the time.

I watched MS Lewinsky’s interview with Barbara Walters and saw her giggle and laugh almost all through the interview. She is indeed a Sweet girl. A sweet girl who fell in love with her boss. No one should be humiliated for falling in love.

What do you do when every other thing falls apart? It took her more than a decade, but good thing is, she is talking again. She may not have total control over how she reacts to people who blame one person for the acts committed by two people. She may even stump out of the stage during interviews. Despite the outlash and criticisms, she didn’t kill herself. And she is talking again. I like to believe she is back up.

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