No Internet.

No smartphone.

Navigate to the world without your iPhone.

Wake up and not check your emails.

Have that lunch at the cafeteria without your phone in your left hand.

Go to that event and actually talk to people during recess.

Sit or take a walk and spend time with only your thoughts.


Why would I want to sit around and do nothing (be bored)?

Maria Popova had this to say about boredom;

“Boredom has a long cultural history and an adaptive function in human life — it serves a vital creative purpose and protects us by helping us tolerate open-endedness; in childhood, it becomes the wellspring of imaginative play. And yet we live in a culture that seems obsessed with eradicating boredom, as if it were Ebola or global poverty, and replacing it with a peculiar modern form of active idleness oozing from our glowing screens.”

Can you allow yourself to be bored for a day?

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